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Continuing on with readers’ collections, this one is from Ali Serra. Ali writes:

My introduction to the Eberhard Faber 602’s came by way of studying art and animation. As someone who dabbles in illustration and animation, I always knew of the EF 602’s history given that many artists in the early years of that industry used them. However at the time I was never in a position to afford one. Fast forward past college, I grew out of touch with the analog world in favor of the newest digital tech.

As I grew older and found my voice as an artist, I realized that my creative process was heavily reliant on the tangible analog process of fleshing out concepts and ideas with pencil and paper. I have gone through many different pencil brands over the years; and then I was gifted a used EF 602. Literal game changer. I used every ounce of that pencil until it was no more.

That magnificent little pencil was the catalyst for a love affair with past. A few years back I began collecting EF 602’s in any condition and any length as I use them regularly in my rotation. It is difficult to articulate the connection I feel when using an EF 602. I believe it is the combination of the timeless aesthetic and the smoothness of the lead which creates an inspirational sense of nostalgia for me. A glimpse of the past.

Here is something that might appeal to readers—not even the shavings go to waste:

Thanks to Ali for sharing his collection with us.