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In a previous post, sharp-eyed reader and fellow Blackwing enthusiast Adair mentioned that there is a Blackwing cameo in the film “Soylent Green”. I must admit that this film is just slightly before my time, and that my only contact with it came from the late great Phil Hartman and his parody on Saturday Night Live (“…soylent green is people!”) Nevertheless it wasn’t difficult to find the scene to which Adair was referring. On a side note, I’ve captured images from two films now, this one and All the President’s Men, and it is uncanny that in both instances the pencil is hardly ever very still, and when it is, the ferrule is usually showing the thin side. In other words, it’s hard to tell with certainty it’s a Blackwing. In this film there is a slight pause, but for the life of me it looks like the erasers are missing. Maybe that made them look all “future-y”.

“Take your paws of my Blackwings you damn dirty ape!”

Oh that’s right…different movie. Maybe it’s “You can have my Blackwings when you pry them from my cold, dead, hands!”

An interesting aside: there is a slight continuity error when the coverage switches to Edward G. Robinson. In the picture above the pencils are point-down. In the next frame, they are point-up: