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This collection belongs to Andy Welfle. Andy writes:

I don’t smoke cigars, but I love cigar boxes. At one point years ago, my mother gave me this gorgeous matte black Frank Sinatra-branded cigar box, and when I started to learn about Blackwings, I realized it was the perfect container for them.

Over the years, my loose supply of Blackwings have dwindled a bit, either through usage or trade. I have three unsharpened pencils (two EF and one F-C) and one sharpened one. I also have this Hackwing that Sean made out of a Palomino HB, years before they ventured into Blackwing territory themselves, and a decade or more before the idea of “hackwinging” took off (Check out a friend of mine on Instagram with the handle @hack_wings).

Also of note is my boxed dozen of Boston Athenaeum Blackwings. I have whipped those out a few times to show people or to post in our Facebook pencil community, but other than that, I haven’t had the guts to sharpen one up and break up the dozen.

Thanks to Andy for sharing his collection with us. And if anyone else would like to share a photo of their Eberhard Faber Blackwings—from a single stub to a brag-worthy collection—get in touch at blackwingpages {at} gmail.com