It’s interesting that the main character of this movie is a musician (a conductor), but that the Blackwings in the drawer are just incidental; he’s never seen writing with them on a score. It also seems like these are the yellow-banded ferrules, which makes it tempting to affix a date to them: this movie was released in 1948. But we can’t know for sure how old the pencils were, or for how long they might have been lying around a prop room. But it can be said then, that Blackwings with yellow-banded ferrules are at the very least 63 years old. Regardless, it’s still interesting to see this particular version in the wild, so-to-speak.

The Glenn Miller Story, which also has a Blackwing sighting, was released in 1954. The pencils in that movie have the more familiar bronze ferrule with a painted black band. So it can be deduced that the yellow-banded ferrules were discontinued no later than 1954.

Thanks to blog reader David for his sharp eyes—this shot, about 40 minutes into the movie, doesn’t last much more than a second or so.