Iris Rainer-Dart is the author of nine novels, including Beaches, which in 1988 was made into an acclaimed film of the same name. In addition, Mrs. Dart has written for Broadway as well as for the Sonny and Cher Show.

From a comment on a previous post, Mrs. Dart mentions:

     “I wrote Beaches and eight other novels with Blackwing 602s. Then a Broadway Musical The People in the Picture with what is left of my beloved Blackwings. While working on the show with Paul Gemignani, the musical director of 40 musicals I noticed he uses them too. And of course, Stephen Sondheim, with whom Paul worked on many of those musicals does too. The late Marcia Davenport, a biographer of Mozart, was a friend, and she also loved the Blackwing 602.”

When I asked her about when she first starting using Blackwings, she offered:

     “As far as the first time I used one, I think it was the late Carol Sobieski, a wonderful writer with whom I shared a mentor, the late George Eckstein, who told me about these pencils. (I didn’t think of that until this minute.) I guess I ran right out and bought some (in a stationary store the way we used to) and it was true love.”

Special thanks to Iris Rainer-Dart for taking the time to share her experiences.